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The story of Captain Earwax

Captain Earwax (a.k.a. Australian interdisciplinary artist Daniel O'Toole/EARS) crafts a rich kaleidoscope of aural landscapes with his unique brand of electronica. From a background in 90's Boom Bap production and vinyl + hardware sampling, Earwax draws from a range of influences: folk, jazz, glitch, dub and hip hop all blending to build a broad global palette of instruments and textures.

The manifesting sound is intricate, glitchy and melody-driven; a balance of live acoustic sounds, field recordings, handheld percussion, warm analogue synth tones and a plethora of quirky noise making toys.

His mesmerising and tactile live set blurs the wobbly lines of live electronic performance using an array of obscure acoustic instruments, synthesisers and live effects units all fusing together as he creates lovingly intricate and detailed worlds of sound.

Completing an international tour in 2018 supporting split/flip, (released with Kyoto based electronic act omni sight)Captain Earwax has performed across Australia at festivals includingPerth Fringe World, Vivid Sydney and EMCPlay-following his appearance at EMCPlay CaptainEarwax was handpicked by Giles Peterson to perform live at an exclusive broadcast onWorldWide FM at Network Connection Records.

In 2019 Earwax adds to his growing release catalogue with National Roads, a six-track collaborative project with fellow musicians from Sydney (including Maitê Inaê, Miles Sharma-Constance, Benjamin Freeman, Inês, Jennifer Hankin and Peter Hollo.