Synths Blips and Glitches vol. 1

Synths blips and glitches 2.1.jpg
Synths blips and glitches 2.1.jpg

Synths Blips and Glitches vol. 1


‘Synths Blips and Glitches’ is a collection of sounds recorded from analogue and digital synthesisers Using a Neve 8803 stereo equaliser, UA 6176 channel strip and an Apollo twin as the audio interface so the samples have plenty of analogue warmth and clarity.

Samples are saved as 24 bit 44k Wav. files.

Some of the sounds have been processed through an original RE-201 Space Echo and are inspired by the sounds of Dub music.

The sample tones are all tuned to C and have been played at various octaves so you can drop them into a Sampler and play them as instruments straight away.

The Drum sounds are a combination of samples off vinyl that have been sitting on floppy disks for the last 10 years since I originally captured them with an Akai S2000 sampler, these 16 bit samples have been layered with new sounds made by recording various percussion textures and drum hits through the same signal chain mentioned above.

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Vol 1 includes 205  24 bit wav. files

102 Casio tone sk1 circuit bent samples

13 Warm synth chords 

15 Korg monotribe dub sounds

21 one shot drum samples

26 Minimoog  model D bass samples

16 Ms20 bass samples 

9 Ms20 sweeps with fx

3 Stylophone samples through space echo

Future sample packs will include sounds from vintage classics such as the Fender Rhodes mk2 suitcase, korg Poly 6, Juno 6, and some quirky sounds of battery powered synths like the Pocket Piano from critter and guitari, the Yamaha Tenori and many more. 

Stay Tuned! 

Captain Earwax